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When we established SupHERBals, our intention was to create a sacred CBD oil that nourishes the body, mind, and soul. From working with our high-quality Oregon hemp, we knew we wanted people to have an experience that embodied the spirit of the plant as well. The result is a blessed, vibrationally attuned, reiki infused product that is always crafted with love and compassion. CBD has been used since ancient times—aiding with healing and restoring homeostasis throughout the body. We are honored to share the comfort and benefits of this sacred oil with you all.

Our Founders

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Greg Prasker


The healing journey of Greg Prasker started in 2012 after over twenty years of being on heavy doses of antidepressants, benzodiazepines, amphetamines and sleeping pills. One night, he decided to go for a drive after taking a bunch of pills. Although no one was hurt, including himself, Greg was devastated and nervous about his future and the future of those around him.


Prasker decided to take a course on hypnosis that changed his life forever. Simply from practicing in class, he was able to give up all of his medications, replacing them with self-hypnosis and meditation. During this time, he had also begun to explore other natural healing modalities such as homeopathy, sound healing, energy work, and plant medicine.


As his life evolved almost immediately and dramatically, he finally understood his purpose: to help others heal. But, he felt like hypnosis wasn’t enough. He knew there was so much more out there to learn and experience.


“It’s as if we forgot what the ancient and indigenous tribes have known since the beginning…plants and herbs are medicine…breath is medicine...energy is medicine…frequency is medicine.”


Over the next few years, Greg worked with healers from all around the world. He learned about a plethora of healing modalities, including how to heal through sound, energy, breath and plants. When he was ready, he felt he should use his experiences by helping people clear their minds and bodies of any present or past negativity and suffering.


In 2017, after seeing testimonial after testimonial about CBD as well as doing immense amounts of research, he knew he had to get involved with this beautiful medicine to help humanity further heal their minds, bodies and souls. He was soon introduced to Lee Regenbogen who quickly became his friend, brother and business partner.


When Greg explained his vision surrounding the magical Hemp plant, the concept of CBD oil, and the breakthroughs people have been having, Lee was immediately on board. They knew what they had to do, and felt as if they were divinely guided from the start. When Lana, Lee’s wife started getting involved as well, the game truly changed. Greg always says that if Lana hadn’t gotten involved, there would be no SupHERBals.  She is truly the backbone of this company.


Today, Greg spends his time sharing SupHERBals Sacred CBD Oil as well as an arsenal of healing modalities with the world. He has recently started the Spiritual Badasses Healing Community where he offers breathwork, hypnosis, sound healing and reiki to help individuals and groups ditch anxiety, fear and insecurities to live a life of confidence, freedom and purpose. All while continuing to research other plant medicines and modalities that he could incorporate into his life of service.


“We are going through a medicinal renaissance. Our eyes are being opened to more and more previously hidden remedies and treatments that work towards healing as opposed to just masking symptoms. I am so grateful and blessed to be part of it.”


Lee & Lana Regenbogen

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer


Lee and Lana are a husband and wife team; reason being why they felt it was appropriate to share their story as one. They have two beautiful sons who are at the center of their world. Lee and Lana both work as teachers for the NYC Board of Education. Lana has been teaching general ed elementary students for the past 16 years whereas Lee has been teaching students with special needs for the past 12 years while coaching various youth sports teams. Each of them have a love for children and a passion for what they do! They both pursued careers as educators in hopes to fulfill their longing to help others and have been doing so ever since.


This husband and wife team first heard about CBD back in 2012 after having watched Lee’s mother deteriorate from breast cancer that metastasized to the bone. Unfortunately, it was too late for his mother, however, it sparked an interest in both Lee and Lana to learn more about this miraculous plant. As CBD became more popular and available around the country, they began to experiment with various companies in hopes to find the perfect product. Through their experiences, some positive and some negative, they knew that they wanted to get further involved with CBD in some way. That’s when Lee met Prasker.


“When I first met Greg, I could feel his passion and see the fire in his eyes as he discussed how powerful CBD is with me.  I never realized how truly powerful this plant was on such a wide spectrum.  I started seeing people get relief from everything from anxiety to inflammation, from insomnia to tremors.  So as soon as Greg and I sat down to discuss, I instantly knew we were about to embark on something truly magical.  And that we did.”

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