Sublingual intake occurs when an individual places a dose of CBD oil under the tongue, allowing the CBD to absorb into the bloodstream. This delivery procedure is widely known as the most simple, powerful, and rapidly acting method to potentially relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, pain, inflammation, stress, insomnia, epilepsy, spasms, and more.


Rubbing SupHERBals sacred CBD oil on an area of the body that is inflamed, throbbing, or in pain is a great way to ensure that the area will benefit from the therapeutic properties quickly. The topical delivery method is easy and effective.


SupHERBals CBD oil is edible. Therefore, one may cook it into food items to avoid the taste of the oil, or to avoid inhaling it from a vape. It may take a bit longer to feel the effects of the CBD when using this delivery system.


Inhaling the CBD oil via vaporizer pen is a great way to receive the benefits of CBD on the go. Vaping SupHERBals CBD oil will almost immediately be a peaceful and healing experience. Many believe vaping CBD oil to be the second best delivery method, depending on the issue needing care.

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